Storm It, Win It!

Storm It, Win It! is a concept created by Storm, a professional archer striving for glory and worldwide recognition. This grew from the fundamental idea that if you storm something, you are fully engaged and committed.  This commitment will lead you to achieve the goals you set and win the day.

While competing at the Lancaster Classic in January of 2018, Storm made a decision that his love for archery needed to be taken to the next level.  In a decisive effort to realize his goal of returning to Lancaster in January of 2019 while competing in the pro division and facing off against the world’s top archers, he began to dedicate the next year to training.

Storm not only wishes to document his journey, but also to share his knowledge with other archers. With the passion and purpose to obtain the knowledge not readily available to anyone wishing to improve their skill, he began by traveling to learn from top personal coaches and trainers. He will document everything: including his personal story, training sessions, and instructions on how to work on each and every element of archery.   He will also interview pro archers, coaches and much more.

Follow the journey and learn with Storm as he passes the knowledge on and continues to Storm It, Win It!


I Walk Slowly, But I Never Walk Backward

Abraham Lincoln

A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step.

Lao Tzu