1 Year of Intense Training to Become a Pro is Done

Its been a long hard year trying to compress 10-20 years of training into a single year to become a pro.

Managed to rank so far

  • NY State outdoor 2nd Place

  • NY State Indoor 3rd Place

  • Nationals USAT 50th

Now, Packing my bags for the ultimate challenge this weekend for the first #Lancasterclassic2019 followed by The #VegasShoot2019 2 weeks after.

Both will challenge me into the Pro Divisions for the first time.

Its been a long road and I came far, yet I am not all the way there yet, wish me Luck and thanks for the support!

YouTube Channel is LIVE


Tune In @stormitwinit to watch lots of new videos and training tips..

As always, #stormitwinit